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We can help you create great cocktails that are ideal for your concept. We know that great cocktails must match the overall experience as a guest, which is why one of our main focuses is on creating cocktails that correlate with specific foods, venues or the like.

With a vast range of experience, VANG & BAR have developed a strong body of knowledge within cocktail flavors, aromas and aesthetics — whether the cocktail is to be new and unique or a classic. We also offer consulting and guidance within infusion of spirits as well as production of unique juices and cordials.

Apart from being a proclaimed cocktail bartender, Emil Vang, founder of VANG & BAR, has developed a unique expertise and ability to create cocktails alongside food pairings due to his upbringing on the family’s organic farm on the Danish island, Møn.

We know that the right cocktail can intensify impressive food experiences, which is why it is of upmost importance to us that taste goes above all when creating cocktails and food concepts. Whether you are a cafe or restaurant owner, a catering company or the like, we can help you create great cocktails that match your overall concept.




Being a bartender is a craft that demands training and knowledge. We can help you in training your bartenders within correct cocktail techniques and service development. We will ensure that all adequate knowledge is provided when relevant for your bartenders — for example within history of different types of spirits. We can train and improve your bartender’s skills and will plan the training based on level of expertise and needs.




The cocktail world is full of endless possibilities in terms of choice of spirits, cordials, bitters, juices and everything else that goes along with it. We can help you choose the right products that suit your concept and needs as well as guide you within these different products and their ingredients.


Vi er altid klar på at præsentere et uforpligtende tilbud eller rådgivning ift. vores forskellige barløsninger og erfaringer.